September 10, 2009

you are my sunshine

i woke up this morning feeling exhaussstted from shopping. my tummy was also feeling a little weird. i knew i'd be fine once i got going so i threw on my clothes and was off to work. to put a smile on my face i wore a rockin pair of valentino flats to work- shoes cure EVERYTHING :) i spent all day at work shooting photos for the web- by the time i even thought to look at the clock it was already 2pm! as i was pondering what to do for lunch, my boss showed up with cupcakes from a new joint called "classy cupcakes". i had a chocolate one with cream cheese frosting a mini choc chips on top...FOOD O FACEEEEEEE! it wasn't too big and wasn't overloaded with frosting- perffffffffff! i went back to the camera and by 4 i decided that i better have something more substantial if i was going to have energy to go to the gym. i ran down to cravings and got a cup of chicken tortilla soup. when i got back to the store and opened it up i found this:

total EW. to me, chicken tortilla soup is very brothy and light. THIS was NOT- it was like corn chowder with chicken and peppers in it. nassstaaayyy. i DID eat the oyster crackers that came with it though. nom nom.

that's more like it! after work, my stomach was acting up again so i decided to go home and relax instead of going straight to the gym. i felt like i needed something nutritious in my tum, and there was a perfectly ripe peach on the kitchen counter that was calling my name.

clearly you must be impressed with my photo skills ;) ollie also decided that he too liked peaches.

he's trying to eat healthier like his mom asked me if i wanted to go to publix with her, so of course i said yes (as you've probably realized, i rarely say no when it comes to anything involving shopping). now that fresh market has opened right across the street from publix, publix is trying to spiff themselves up and get better products. i got organic brown rice cakes, 1 choc mint larabar, cinnamon banana chips (these are new and sound delish), van's blueberry waffles, deep chocolate vitamuffins (haven't tried these yet because pub's just started carrying them- yay!! so excited), sunshine southwest burgers (finally got these too), eziekiel sprouted hamburger buns, 3 peaches, and sabra garlic hummus. DEF a successful trip. by the time we got home, i realized that the gym was already closed (s&2%^+_*@!!!!). bummer! i put together a sunshine burger on an sprouted bun w/ hummus, shredded lettuce, carrots, tomato, and black pepper.

ahhhhmazing! now i know why everyone was raving about these burgers- SO good. i also may or may not have had an oreo after dinner. i mean come on when jon asks me to grab him the box of oreos from the kitchen, do you really think i'm not going to sneak one?!? i'm not THAT well behaved...

okay first 48 is calling my name (yes, i'm a weirdo- i love that show). night night!

ps- is anyone else freaking out over the fact that gossip girl comes back on monday?!? this girl sure is! ahhhhhh :)


  1. Sorry you got the wrong soup, but lobster crackers are the best lil pack of crackers! Cute doggy! My dog likes fruits and veggies too. I try not to feed it to her though, I can never remember which ones they can eat and can't.

  2. I love gossip girl!! I am sooo excited.. I have my weekly TV calendar all planned out!! haha

  3. That totally sucks about the soup! And I agree, shoes make EVERYTHING better :) Especially valentino flats. Hope you have a fab day!


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