September 9, 2009

palm beach playazzzz

so i was pretty busy at work yesterday because we got in an order from current elliott (yay!) and an even bigger order from ray ban (yay yay!). time flew by pretty quickly and i pretty much forgot to eat- i had a yoplait lemon yogurt at around 3pm and it hit the spot. after work, i went home and threw on my gym clothes. by this time i was hungry and realized that i better eat something before i go workout. i made a quick oatmeal- 1 packet instant oatmeal (original) with skim milk and sugar free maple syrup.

it was perfect, just what i needed to pump me up. at the gym i did 35 min on elliptical, 20 on treadmill, and 20 on the bike- i felt great when i left :) i ran by fresh market on my way home and grabbed 4 oranges (3 navel, 1 red navel), 2 organic naners, a package of broccoli slaw, 2 packages of seeds of change quinoa brown rice blend, toasted almond gelato, and salad dressing. i RUSHED home because the new season of 90210 started at 8. as you can tell my life DOES revolve around trashy, i mean amazinggg, shows like this. during the first commercial i put together a fab salad- shredded lettuce, broccoli slaw mix, shredded carrots, red cabbage, beets, edamame, hard boiled egg, toasted pine nuts, and rice noodles (just a few). it was to die for :) and the fact that i was eating it while watching 90210 made it even betttttttter!

i had a piece of toast on the side with blackberry jelly. i was craving some carbs. after dinner and an attempt to watch the new melrose place (sorry, but asslee simp sucks. i just couldn't watch it.), ol and i hit the sack.

be jealous. he's all MINE :)

this morning i had to leave early for work because i had to stop by the bank, which is conveniently located right near dunkin d- score! i grabbed a large iced coffee and i may or may not have had a few bavarian cream munchkins. bad, but hunggryy, girl!! i spent the morning and early afternoon taking photographs for the store's web. for lunch i needed something quick and easy so that i didn't take too much time away from the pics. this called for a lean cuisine breaky panini. this time i tried the sausage, egg, & cheese. holyy yum! it was even better than the first one i had tried. it had a touch of maple flavor to it and it was gone quite quickly.

i was finished at work by 2!!! i was planning on going to the gym after work but my mom mentioned that she needed to return a few things to saks and asked if i wanted to go to palm beach with her. is that even a question?!? hellllllll to the yesssssssssssss!!! first stop at the gardens- s.bucks for a grande nonfat decaf iced pumpkin spice latte (w/ only half the pumpkin).

we hit up tons of stores (and tj maxx and loehmann's) and i behaved myself :( booooooooo i saw SOOOOOO much that i wanted (but didn't need, GRRR). i mean come on- don't i need the balenciaga bag? and the quilted purple marc jacobs bag with gold studs? and the fendi peek a boo bag? and the pauw jumpsuit? okay and get this tj's had a turq ysl bag that i was drooling over! they also had fendi, burberry, versace, prada, and gucci bags (the pb tj's ROCKS!). i ended up with 3 tee's from forever (i mean HELLO at $4.50 each, how can i say NO!), bad gal mascara from sephora (was in desp need of this), and an amazing layering necklace at loehmann's that only set me back $20. my big "splurge" of the day was a classic charles nolan navy and black riding blazer. it is absolutely gorg and fits like a glove- and the best part, it was only $79.99 at tj's but still had the $558 charles price tag on it! haaaa i LOVE getting deals like this. oh, AND i had a credit so it cost me like 20 buckaroos! HOLLA! i managed to squeeze in a few minutes to grab dinner during all this shopping- i had a veggie sub on honey oat from subway (i rarely eat at subway but this was suprisingly awesome!) and mom had hagaan daaz pistachio ice cream (this is typical for her)

mom and i had a fab car ride home jamming out to jackson 5, brian mcknight, mikey j (still get sad when i hear him!), gladys knight, n*sync, christina ag, the temptations, and even some trick daddy (t double d ya'll!!!!). good times :) okay, finally home and about to hit the sack- ol is already under the covers. night night!


  1. I had a feeling Ashlee was going to stink!! Nothing will beat the old raunchy Melrose! yah for more pumpkin spice goodness...I am totally picking one up manana! Have a good night

  2. girl way to go at the gym, and good idea getting something to eat before you went!!!

    O how i love Loehmanns! i'm so proud of you for being good...i never have that much discipline! ahhh so jeals of you! :)


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