September 28, 2009

back to the grind

okay sorry i have been mia- i was sick all weekend :( i even called in sick on saturday- that's how bad i felt- yuck!!! i'm not sure what was wrong with me but i felt soooo exhausted and my muscles ached and i barely could move. i hateee being sick- being in bed all day makes me feel worse! its so depressing. blah.

needless to say i didn't eat much all weekend and have very few pics to post, but ill make do with what i do have :)

for lunch friday (around 3), i had a veggie wrap- typical.

after work friday i hit the gym like i normally would, but after 30 min on the bike i felt like i was going to pass out. i was sooo dizzy and weak- it freaked me out. i headed home and napped until like 830/9ish and then decided that i haddddd to eat something. i couldn't think of anything that sounded good (my stomach was being a little weird as well), so i decided on waffles! van's blueberry waffles with sf maple syrup.

it actually tasted delish and hit the spot- perfection :) i passed out right after eating and was gone for the night...

i woke up on saturday feeling just as weak (if not worse) than the night before. i knew i would never be able to make it to work, so i called in sick- i hateeeeeeeeee doing that! i hate missing work! ugh i did not get out of bed until like 5 that day, ewww. jon suprised me with flowers in hopes of making me feel better...

i died when i saw that they said "hot princess" on them!!! totally describes me to a T ;) haha they did bring a big smile to my face- go jon!

around 7 i was actually a little bit hungry so i decided that oatmeal would be easy on my stomach. i downed 2 packs of instant oatmeal with ff milk and sf syrup.

even the kitten was trying to get in on the deal...

i had a little bit of energy after i ate so i decided that i needed to make my bed...

ollie and the kitten were NO help at all...
i took it easy for the rest of the night and tried to get better!
yesterday i slept in until 1030 (!!!!!!!!!)- clearly a sign that i didn't feel well. i knew that i had to sometime go to tampa to pick up my mom (who has been staying at her boyfriends for 2 weeks- she likes me to drop her off and pick her up there because she says its muchhhh cheaper for her to be there that way- aka she can't go shopping while j is at work! ha like mother like daughter). i downed some coffee and headed out the door- i mean all i have to do is sit in my car for 2.5 hours and pay attention to the road. it was actually uber exhausting but also relaxing. i stayed in tampa for about 4 hours- ate a little bit of food (j made a meannnn blt) and went to a friends boutique in st. pete beach. this store was amazinggg and she was nice enough to give me 3 new calypso topsssss :) they will def be making an appearance on the blog very soon! got back at 11 last night and hit the sack.
today i am feeling MUCH better and have most of my energy back- yay! currently at work- about to open a strawberry chobani :) ta ta.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Pretty flowers!

  2. Glad you are feeling better!!! Sounds like your weekend was about the same as mine.. except no flowers.. damn my boyfriend haha..Have a good day!

  3. I agree, being sequestered in bed due to sickness is so depressing. Your little kitten is so adorb!

  4. aw girl i hate bein sick, but i'm sure glad your feeling better! i'm just like you, i hate calling into work, for some reason it just makes me feel bad! :) Hope today was a better day

  5. Please take care of yourself and don't catch the Swine Flu. I hear it's transmittable through blogs now. But Chobani is the cure.

  6. I'm just happy you made it home and didn't pass out there. Feel better girl


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