September 17, 2009

goodnight moon

i left work and headed to publix to grab a few groceries...
half a butternut squash, two tomatoes, blueberry chobani, whipped cottage cheese, 5 grain flax flatouts, and the NEW spinach and artichoke hummus (YAAAYY!). i ran home to put away my groceries and get ready to go to the gym. i had a quick pre-workout snack-

a slice of w/w bread with skippy's natural pb. i headed to the gym (via dunkin's for an iced coffee). 1 hour later i felt aweomse- thanks to 30 min on bike, 15 on treadmill, & 15 on elliptical. after my one week hiatus from the gym, i was moreee than happy to be back :D

when i got home i decided to do some laundry, unload/load the dishwasher, etc etc. clearly i lost track of time because before i knew it, it was 830pm! i had to think quickly regarding dinner- i decided to roast some brussel sprouts (my fav!) and throw two morningstar ginger teriyaki veggie cakes in a skillet. these are a new morning start product that i picked up at publix a few days ago and have been eager to try. they have sticky rice, carrots, water chesnuts, bok chy, edamame, and ginger & teriyaki in them (and now that i am actually reading all of the ingredients, there is a lot of junk- i may not get these again). i also added some shredded carrots to the plate and my new hummus on the side...

the cakes look a little burnt in the pic, but i swear they weren't ;) the dinner turned out perfectly and i ate everything except one cake- i didn't think they were going to be as filling as they were. i had a half of a peach for dessert and now i'm ready for beddddd. ollie and i are off to spoon.

goodnight moon.


  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment, it was very sweet :) Your blog is too cute and LOVe all the food on it. And bravo for trying to kick your spending habit... I know how difficult it is, trust me! And those ginger-teryiaki veggie cakes look sooo good... defintely putting those on my Tasting List!!! :) Can't wait to read more!

  2. I enjoyed your 'about' section, it is inspiring! And my husband would probably say I have a spending problem also. :)


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