September 25, 2009

miso happy its friday

so after i packed my fridge full of my samples from chobani (yayy!), i headed out to a local sushi bar to meet coop for dinner. i started off with a small bowl of miso soup...

and for my main dish i got a tuna roll with cream cheese and avocado (wrapped in cuke instead of rice).

wow, i seriously think i have a future in photography ;) anyways it was so cold & fresh and totally hit the spot- sushi always does!

after dinner i went home and lounged for a bit and then decided to take a quick 2 mile bridge run just to relax and collect my thoughts. it felt great, but it was extremellyyyy hot and humid (yuckk!). i was a sweaty mess (to put it nicely!). i may or may not have popped a few chocolate covered pretzels in my mouth on my way home...

i am currently at work snacking on a golden delicious apple with some pb&co maple peanut butter. mmmmmm...

soo happy that it's friday. definitely think tonight is going to be a movie night!!

have a great afternoon mon amis. ta ta.


  1. Love runs that clear your mind.. I ran yesterday too and it was way gross out!!

  2. I never thought to ask to have my sushi wrapped in cucumber. I'll definitely be doing that in the near future.

  3. Love sushi! The run sounds great!

  4. I have never tried the maple pb from PB&Co. My fave is the White Choc Wonderful!!

  5. WOW this sushi looks soooo delish!! the cucumber wrap is SUCH a good idea...I will have to remember that next time! I LOVE your's wayyyy too cute! xoxo!

  6. Mmmm that sushiiii... I wanna try it with a cucumber wrap instead the next time I eat it! Hows the Maple PB&Co!? I haven't tried that one yet... just discovered Dark Choc Dreams and I'm loving it! Happy Saturday dahlinggg :)

  7. I love miso soup! My favorite thing to get at a sushi restaurant is called Aged Dashi Tofu - its lightly breaded tofu with an amazing sauce!

    Do you have a micro button on your camera? It looks like a little flower? If so, you should use that for your close-up shots - it does the work for you!

    Happy Saturday! :D

  8. I haven't had chocolate covered pretzels in forever.. now I'm craving them!


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