September 16, 2009

food baby

ahh still trying to get caught up here...okay so yesterday i started off the day with an iced coffee- the usual. working was slower than slow- meaning i thought about food all day out of boredom. hate those days! i managed to hold out for lunch until 130 (the later i eat the quicker the day goes by for some reason). i tried the peach chobani for the first time with half of a fresh peach and a little scoop of kashi honey sunshine cereal (the sample i got in the mail- yay!).
i reallllly liked the peach chobani :) it could do without the little peachy chunks at the bottom but oh well. the kashi cereal was a good addition to the yogurt, but i am not sure if i would eat it as just plain cereal. not too exciting to the taste buds. around 330 i had the other half of my peach- i just can't get enough of them these days...soooo juicy and delish!

i had planned on going to the gym after work but couldn't find my sneakers in the disaster that i call my room. actually it's not even a room, it's one huge closet with a bed hidden somewhere under the mess- a cali king bed. sooo- by the time i found a pair of sneaks (not even the ones i was looking for) i was annoyed and grumpy and over it. gotta love that time of the month. i have been feeling like shit for the past week because of my lack of exercise. sure i have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off but not going to the gym has really put a damper on my mood. it really has shown me how good it is for me and my overall mood. instead of going to the gym, i had a snack- fatttttttttaay! a organic brown rice cake with roasted garlic hummus.
despite my pissiness earlier in the night, my mood was 90120 that is :) geeeeeeez i cannot even express my love for that show. i didn't start watching it until about 2 weeks ago- when, out of boredom, i got the season one dvd's- i was actually going to pay cash monayyyyy for them, but luckily my friend jess lent them to me! woo hoo! i watched all of season one in just a few days haha just in time for season two to start last week. it's all downhill from here- i'm HOOKED. during a commercial i whipped up a veggie scramble- 3 eggs scrambled with sauteed zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and carrots. the perfect 8pm dinner- although my eyes were much bigger than my tum and i only ate about half of it. i also had an orange with my dinner- it hit da spot!
at 9 i tuned into the second hour of BIGGEST LOSER- ahhh tuesday is SUCH a good tv night. although jillian still frightens me, i love the show.

i may or may not have had a little bit of baskin robbins mint chip ice cream while watching rehab on trutv. someone please find me a trashy tv addicts anonymous meeting- ASAP ;)

so today was my day off- WOO HOO...except for the fact that i had to study all day because i had a marketing test tonight. studying = reading a few sentences of my book/notes, reading an article off perez, reading some more notes, reading an x17online article, reading the book, catching up on blogs, reading...well you get my gist. i'm not going to lie, i could probably benefit a great deal from adderall. my mind just likes to wander- but only when it comes to school. i guess this is normal. and i don't really want an adderall-indused heart attack. okay i'm getting away from the point here haaa. i had a half a banana with some almond butter when i woke up this morning. no pic- i was tired and my eyes were barely open. by 1pm i was hungry for lunch so decided to make PUMPKIN OATMEAL- finalllllly! i microwaved 2 packets of plain instant oatmeal with water, added probably 3 spoonfuls of organic pumpkin (canned from fresh market), a splash of milk, nutmug, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of sugar free maple syrup- stirred it all up, microwaved it for another 30 secs and VIOLA! yummy orangeness in a bowl...
hmmm...i think it needs something else...
the other half of my naner from the morning- a perfect addition!
clearly i HaTeD it!

i studied my afternoon away and snacked on some pretzel goldfish throughout the afternoon. they def kept me going. normally our tests are at 530pm, so i left my house by 455pm (its a 30 min drive). BUT when i got there i was informed that the tests are now at 7pm- WTF?!? no one could tell me that before i wasted my precious time and GAS! ugh so annoying- i hate school. so over it. so i drove alllllll the way home, because i was NOT about to sit in the ghetto and wait an hour and a half. got home at 6pm and left AGAIN at 630pm. oh my lifeeeee. just a typical day in whitney's world haaaa. i think i did well on the test though, so at least i feel a little better about the situation.

i got home at about 830pm and was starvingggg. i decided to make a sunshine burg w/ hummus, shredded lettuce, jalepenos, and shredded carrots on a sprouted ezeikel bun.

yummmmm. but i ate too fast and now i'm having a food pregnancy. blahhhhhhhhhh. okay off to bed before this baby grows any bigger. night lovies.


  1. o my. that burger for dinner looks awesome! i love veggie burgers! :)

    i totally hate those days where you can't find any of your gear, and then by the time you do, your so over it! dont worry girl, tomorrow is a new day! :)

  2. I remember when I first heard someone say ''food baby'' I was so confused. Didn't know what the feeling was called. I hate when that happens too. Jillian frightens me too,but she gets the job done.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my new blog! Mind if I add your blog to my blog roll?

  4. All your eats look good! And I agree with you that Tuesday t.v rocks!


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