September 12, 2009

it's saturdayyy- sticky icky icky OOO OOO!

so yesterday was crazy hectic and i could not find the time to sit down and blog :( but today i am back in actioooonnn! so i started yesterday morning off with an iced coffee of course and headed to work to finish taking pictures for the web. i finished about 130 and was feeling a bit hungry by then. jon happened to stop by so he and i walked to caseys to grab some lunch. i had the cajun chicken salad (i've been eating this same salad since i was in like 7th grade haha), which has romaine/iceberg mix, carrots, tomatoes, cukes, red peppers (yum!), and grilled cajun chicken (fab!). i mixed half italian and half ranch. so good :) i had a picture but some how it got deleted off my phone. grrr technology. when i got back to work it was slow so janet and i watched project runway for a while and then the rz project. yay for bravo :) by late afternoon i was hungry again so i had a banana.

eating my naner, while watching rz- LOVE my job!

after work i went over to hang with my grammy. her hairdresser is on vacay so i offered to do her hair for her. let me just tell you- i have absolutely NO future in hairstyling! haaa but we had a good time and that was all that matters. i then met mom and we got our nails done- which was MUCH needed. i have been so busy that my toes hadn't been done in 4 WEEKS- um hello dinosaur talons. yuck.

oh chanel blue satin, how i love thee :) and yes, i have a hugeee big toe- it has its own zipcode.

by the time i got home from all these errands it was 9pm and i hadn't eaten dinner. i knew i was meeting my friend jess for a movie at 10 (and was obviously going to indulge in p-corn), so i had a tiny salad- shredded lettuce, broccoli slaw (w/ red cabbage & carrots), chickpeas, and LOTS o' edamame. i had probably half a mug full. once again, don't know where the picture went. good work crackberry. jess & i saw "sorority row"- yesss the one with audrina and RUMER WILLIS (ew!). let me tell you- i LOVEEE scary movies. they are my fav- and most of them don't actually scare me, i just love the thrill. this movie actually had me covering my eyes and jumping in my seat at times. it was totally horrible (a total copy of "i know what you did last summer"), but jess and i both found ourselves scared driving home alone after it. haha LAME. when i got home my tummy was feeling yucky from popcorn (no pic of the popcorn because that would actually remind me that i ate it), so i had half a peach. juiccccyyy. ol had a piece to of course. after our bedtime snack, we ptfo-ed! zzzzzzz........

currently i am sitting at work sipping on my iced coffee and eating the other half of my peach.

okay, i am off to rearrange the store and be productive. ta ta lovies.


  1. Hope you have a great Saturday, it is very icky with the rain today. I feel like being lazy lol.

  2. You have been a busy girl chica! That iced coffee looks fab. I want one tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend

  3. Chanel blue satin!!! Foolproof!

    Just found your bloggie and love it!!


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