September 20, 2009

weekend recap

hmm, so where did i leave off?? okay so friday afternoon i decided to whip up some pumpkin oatmeal for lunch- 2 packets instant plain oatmeal, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, sf maple syrup, and half a banana...


after work friday i hit up the gym and did 30 min on the bike and 15 min of hardcore strength (i had limited time because i had to make it to a movie). it felt awesome and my arms killed my when i woke up yesterday- love that feeling (i know, totally weird). so i met my friend jess for a movie and we picked up sandwiches on the way. i had a "monte carlo" on a pita (they were out of whole wheat, boooo)- turkey, bacon, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers, s&p, and oregano. SO amazing. no pic- we ate them in the theatre and twas quite dark, obvi. i also may or may not have had a handful of plain m&m's. we saw "love happens"- i was a little apprehensive because jen aniston is NOT my fav- but it was surprisingly ADORABLE! i loved it!

yesterday was another typical day at work. def started the morning off with this-

for lunch i tried blueberry chobani and added fresh bluebs and fresh peaches. soooo yummy!!!

oh you know, just charlize and i lunching together. very typical.

ol came by to hang for a bit, and worked hard as usual...

for dinner i went to jon's parents house to celebrate his mom's bday. it was quite an eventful evening, but im not going to go into that. for dinner i had a few bites of ribs, LOTS o' yellow squash & zucchini, a small scoop of potato salad, a half of a grilled corn on the cob, and a small piece of peach cake for dessert. i was STUFFED, and am so glad i only had had a yogurt that day so that i had room for all of the yummy food. unfortunately when i got home i was hungry again (grrr) and had some parmesan goldfish :)

this morning was quiteee hectic. two of the kitties got adopted this morning...
there are extremely difficult to photograph- they move a mile a minute!!! they got adopted by the same family and are going to have an awesome home :) yay! now we only have the grey one left and i am hoping to convince my grammy to take it! hehe...

after that sad send off (what can i say, im emotional haa)...i had a yummy brunch- two van's blueberry waffles with fresh bluebs and sf maple syrup.

i hit up the gym (via tj maxx because i needed a quick new pair of headphones- i also may have ended up with a candle and two tops...s**ttttt!). 35 min bike, 25 (awesome) min on the treadmill, and 15 of strength. i feellll GREAT :) on my way home i ran into publix to get some more peaches and a naner, and saw that all frozen kashi products were HALF OFF, so i grabbed two pizzas and a new dinner dish. i can neverrr pass up a sale!

when i got home i was starving, so i whipped up a post-workout snack-

cottage cheese (from the brunch pic, i never ended up eating it then) with almonds and half a banana- my fav :)

off to watch the red carpet of the emmys...


  1. Looks like a great weekend. I think I stuffed myself also. the cottage cheese with bananas and almonds sounds good!

  2. Glad the kitties have a good home :)

    TJ Maxx always gets me with the Yankee candles...

  3. I wanted to watch the Emmys but Husband was being a TV hog. Then I got too lazy to go upstairs and watch it. (luv those kitties!)

  4. Those kitties are so cute, I would have had a hard time saying goodbye too!


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