September 16, 2009

you know you love me

wow, i've been a bad, bad blogger lately. i have just been swamped with, well life in general. okay so let's get back to saturday- i'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible. for a late lunch i had a granola to go packet in skim milk and added some banana. it turned out to be suchhh a yummy cereal. the taste of blueberries was amazing!
jon and ol happened to stop by at lunch time to say hi. i let ollie lick the bottom of the mug...
he ended up with a beard full of granola! doesn't get much cuter than this :)

after work i ran around and did errands because i was leaving for tampa in the morning. long story short- my mom's boyfriend lives in tampa and his bday was on the 10th so she planned a huge suprise birthday for him on sunday (part of the reason i'd been so busy). i packed, did laundry, attempted to clean my room, and finally made a quick dinner. i had progresso tuscan chicken soup (this is becoming a fav) with a few pretzel goldfish on top!
nom nom. didn't finish it all, but it totally hit the spot. i also decided to have my first vitamuffin for dessert! it was the chocolate one and boy oh boy was it yummy! i loved that it wasn't too big, but wasn't too small, and it had the perfect amount of chocolateyness (is that even a word?).
i will definitely be eating more of these in the future. what are some other good flavors to try?

so we (mom, jon, coop, ollie, & i) were supposed to leave for tampa at 6am on sunday but didn't actually get going until about 730am- had to get gas, coffee (obvi), all that jazz. i got a blueberry iced coffee from 7-11 and it was da bombbbbb. 7-11 actually has really good coffee! we arrived in st. pete (where the party was being held at a friends) at 10 and ran a bunch of errands (publix, party store, target, etc). i snacked on a banana around noon. we set up the party and ran around like crazy people. around 2 i had a piece of a sandwich that our friend sharon had ordered- it was roast beef and blue cheese on w/w (from publix) with lettuce, tom, pickles, peppers, etc etc the works! holy yum!

okay now i am just blabbing on and on- let me cut to the chase. the party turned out to be a HUGE success. j (mom's lover) was soooooo suprised- it was so cute to see the look on his face when we all jumped out screaming suprise at the top of our lungs. i didn't manage to get any pics because i'm a loser who left my camera at home. all night i snacked on party food (little bit of turkey with vermont maple mustard, guac, cake, etc.). i felt like a blimp the next morning but of course could not pass up more food when i heard my mom was cooking brunch.
a delicious mix of scrambled eggs w/ arugula, tomatoes, and onions, grilled kielbasa, and fruit salad w/ yogurt. YUMMMMMM. i loveeeeeeee brunch :) after stuffing my stomach more than it was already stuffed, we hit up the MALLLLL (hello i know you could have guessed that). actually, we went to twooooo mallS! westshore and international (both in tampa). what a fabulous dayyyyy. except for the point where jon had a breakdown in forev's and was yelling at me that i shouldn't be spending money. he was right, of course. so i decided just to take two white tee's (IN MA WHITE TEE!) because they were only $4.80 and who can't use more white tops! that was all i purchased that day (so proud of myself). oh and i got a yogurt! moreeeee food!
the place is called "you say when" and basically there is a wall of yogurt machines and you do it yourself and then add toppings and you pay for it based on the weight (which is alwaysss a rip off!). they have all natural yogurts with flavors like original tart, pomegranate, acai, mango, angel food cake, and chocolate decadance. jon and i split a small pom with sprinkles and mom had plain tart. it was $10! such a rip. but it was a nice cold treat for the afternoon :)

jon and i decided to drop mom back off at j's and head out. by this time it was almost 5 and HELLLLLLO we had to make it home in time for GOSSIP GIRL. typical jon and i forgot about rush hour traffic. oops. we were getting antsy so stopped in brandon at hungry howies pizza (so healthy, right?). we couldn't agree on what to get so we each got a small pizza (10 inch)- jon's was pepperoni and ham and mine was pineapple, onions, green peppers, and ham (i ordered mushrooms but they forgot! gr!).
yummy in my big ole' tummy! i ate 3 pieces on the way home, and then one at the beginning of gossip girl- which ended up being suchhhh a disappointing episode.

ol was exhausted by the end of the trip and slept balls up the wholeeee way home. sighhhh. he is all mine :)

okay so now my fingers are sore and i am supposed to be studying for a marketing test (ughhh!). i will fill you in on tuesday and today when i get home tonight. xoxo you know you love me.


  1. o girl. welcome to the love of the Vita! Seriously every flavor is AMAZING! I've tried almost all of them (sadly my stash is almost gone) get your hands on some of the fruity ones cause those are amazing as well. but the chocolate ones for me kick the chocolate cravings i tend to get! uhh you can't beat these little guys! you make me want one so bad right now!

  2. I lov Fro yo places, especially the ones where you make your own cup, so much fun.

  3. Ol is sooooo cute! Love all the pics of him! Glad the party turned out to be a success- that must have been a lot of work! Goldfish+soup is a great combo. I haven't tried a vita flavor I didn't like. I do like the tops a lot better than the brownies though!


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